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Collection of 3 'Sportomotive Original' Art Mugs - Race Edition

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If you favor the 'Comic / Pop-Art' style of designer Stefan de Beer, you can now enjoy coffee and art at the same time! Sportomotive issues 'Sportomotive Original' Art Mugs in a LImited Edition of 999 pieces worldwide. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This is a set of three Art Mugs from the Monochrome Collection, Race Edition, showing famous classic Porsches on the race track: the 550 Spyder, the 9908 and the early 911 racers. This series is produced in the color 'Mouse'.

These high quality ceramic mugs are black colored inside and have a black colored ear. The mugs have a capacity of 330 ml and they fit comfortably in your hand. In the production process, the design is sublimated in heat presses causing the color to be actually pressed into the ceramics. This makes the mugs dishwasher and microwave safe. Note that handwashing these mugs is always better on the long term.

Add a playful wrench spoon to your Art Mug

Surprise your friends, the effect of a wrench in their coffee is priceless! Simply choose the spoons in your shopping cart and we will add them to your order.

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