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Hitting the Apex - Color Series

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Since its fifth place finish at the Monte Carlo Rally in 1965, the 911 started its glorious racing history. 55 years later, these classic early 911's are still being raced hard on tracks all over the world. The action is always fierce and the raw sound of the flat-sixes resonates in your ears. It is a delicate dance to keep the early 911's at the limit.

This fine art print 'Hitting the Apex' is a hommage to these fantastic feisty machines.

After a roadtest with the 911 in 1965, Car and Driver Magazine wrote:

"No contest. This is the Porsche to end all Porsches—or, rather, to start a whole new generation of Porsches. Porsche's new 911 model is unquestionably the finest Porsche ever built. The 911 is a superior car in every respect ... the stuff legends are made of".

The early narrow body Porsche 911 in full battle, encased in a modern art print in Pop-Art style by artist Stefan de Beer. This art print is issued in a Limited Edition and is signed by the artist. Available in four different sizes. This art print is part of the 'Color Series' and can be beautifully combined with other art prints from this series. A special gift for yourself... or for someone else.

Want this art print in minimalist grey scale? Check SKU: WA-P911TMOUS.

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