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Hommage to a 'true modern Classic': the Porsche 964 - Color Series

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The Porsche 964 is the perfect combination of modernity and the classic elements of the original 911 from the Sixties, making it a true modern classic. Designed by the man who was famous for the development of the Porsche 959 supercar. The many technical developments made the 964 high-tech compared to his predeccesor.

All the development was done with the future in mind and not just as an update of the previous model. Some of the glorious new developments were its all new M64 3.6 litre twin spark engine, its 959 inspired four-wheel drive system and its newly designed aircon and heating. Also hydraulic power steering, an all new rear suspension design and an automatic rear spoiler. Some developments were very subtle, some very bold. This duality makes the 964 a very intriguing machine.

This fine art print is a Hommage to the Porsche 964, a true modern classic, available in 9 vibrant colors and four sizes.

The Porsche 964, encased in a modern art print in Pop-Art style by artist Stefan de Beer. This fine art print is issued in a Limited Edition and is signed by the artist. Available in four different sizes. This art print is part of the 'Color Series' and can be beautifully combined with other art prints from this series. A special gift for yourself... or for someone else.

Want this art print as a minimalist in grey scale? Check SKU: WA-P964MOUS.

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