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Hommage to the 'Ur-Porsche': the 356 - Color Series

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The Porsche 356 is called the 'Ur-Porsche'. The first Porsche 356 (356-001) was certified on June 8, 1948 in Gmünd, Austria. In July of this year, the car was driven by Ferry Porsche’s cousin, Herbert Kaes, to a class win at the Innsbruck road races. In September 1948, Porsche needed to sell 356-001 to raise funds for the company. Between 1948 and 1950 a total of 50 aluminium bodied 356's were built in a former sawmill in Gmünd.

In the spring of 1949, the Porsche 356 appeared for the first time at the Geneva International Car Show. By the early 1950s the 356 became popular in Europe as well as in the US. The class win at Le Mans in 1951 was a defining moment for Porsche, as many owners used to drive the car on the road on weekdays and race them on the track in the weekend. Increasing success in racing sealed its success as a road car. By the time the 356 production ended in 1965 approximately 76.000 Porsche 356's had been produced.

Besides the fact that the 356 was the very first Porsche to be produced under the Porsche family name, the design of the current 911 can still be traced back to the design of the 356. This fine art print is a Hommage to the 'Ur-Porsche': the 356. An iconic classic that occupies the most important place in the history of the Porsche brand.

The car magazines could not get enough of the 356 and spoke strongly about it:
"The new Porsche 356 is one of the world's truly fine cars. Every hour you spend with it adds to your appreciation of the excellence of its design, workmanship, and performance. It's a supremely good machine in traffic or on the open highway and a world-beater on winding roads. It makes you hunger for a handy Alp to slide up and down all day".

"Parking it seemed a waste, so any opportunity was seized as an excuse to drive it somewhere. Around the test track once more. Back to the city. Back out to the country. Dinner in town. Expressway. Backroads. Anywhere, and always with the same unbridled enthusiasm and admiration. It's that kind of car".

The Porsche 356, the ultimate classic Porsche, encased in a modern art print in Pop-Art style by artist Stefan de Beer. This art print is issued in a Limited Edition (the biggest size only 49 copies worldwide!) and is signed by the artist. Available in four different sizes. This art print is part of the 'Color Series' and can be beautifully combined with other art prints from this series. A special gift for yourself... or for someone else.

Want this art print in minimalist grey scale? Check SKU: WA-P356MOUS.

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