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Porsche 914 1.7 - 1971 (barn find!)
Porsche 914 1.7



Our intention is to bring this special car back in a condition in which it will be a ‘jewel’ on the road again. The expected total project lead-time will be approximately four months.


You can buy this car at any stage during this process.

When you love working on a car, you can get in at an early stage and buy the car for an attractive price. If you only want to do some of the work yourself, than you can step in at a later stage. However if you are looking for a 914, which you can drive straight away with much pleasure, you can wait until we have finished all the work that needs to be done. We will inform you after finalising each stage what the corresponding price will be at that time.


The current selling price (untouched) is €12,900.00,


Remarks concerning the pictures

The first series of pictures were taken at the time we found this 914, so no ‘beautiful’ photography as yet but we wanted to share these first moments of our find with you. We are always very personally involved with our cars and will upload new pictures along the way, so you can follow our progress at first hand.



The term ‘barn-find’ is being used very loosely but recently we have literally found a Porsche 914 in rural Germany that fits the term ‘barn-find’ perfectly. We have found this Porsche after a tip we were given, tucked away in a fruit farmer’s greenhouse. An undamaged, totally complete and original German 914 dating from June 1971 and has an extensive Fahrzeug-document and also the original diver’s manual. This 914 only has had three owners during the 44 years of its life. The last owner finally stored the car in 1983. The mileage on this car is just over 38,000 kilometres. During the 32 years that the car hasn’t been driven it has been preserved quite optimally because it has been stored in a warm and dry environment all these years. This Porsche has of course matching numbers.



The bodywork is in an excellent condition, see the first detailed pictures on this website. Obviously it is covered in a thick layer of dust but on all the important points it is completely undamaged. The bottom of the car is straight and rust free and so are the sills. After 45 years of course, we did find some points that need attention regarding the bodywork (e.g. small cosmetic welding due to some paint and coating coming off) but we are taking care of this so that this 914 will be preserved for the future. The detachable roof is in perfect condition and closes, as it should do.



The original 1.7 L-tronic motor of this Porsche 914 is original and in a good condition. The motor runs quite nicely. Compression tests were executed with good results. 



This Porsche still has the original 5-speed gearbox. The clutch still feels good. 


Wheels and tyres

You can see in the pictures that this Porsche 914 is equipped with VW-rims. Currently we have acquired the original Lemmerz CT rims. These rims are fitted with a good set of tyres, size 165/65 SR15.



This Porsche has a complete and exceptionally neat black interior. The dashboard has no cracks nor is it dried out. The car has the beautiful, original Porsche steering wheel with perfect stitching and the Wolfsburg-logo is still present!



The car is equipped with the original jack.




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