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Porsche 911 2.7 Coupé - 1974 (early G-model) 

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Porsche 911 2.7 Coupé - 06/1974 (restoration completed Nov. 16-2018)


Our newest addition is a 2.7 Coupé, which has attracted our attention because of its exceptionally original condition. The original paint in Peru Red is still to be found throughout the car in trunk, engine compartment, wheel arches and floor. Furthermore, the chassis is in excellent condition and has no rust on sills, floor and jacking points. This made this Porsche a fantastic starting point for a restoration that has led to the conservation of a rare specimen. The restoration was completed mid-November 2018 and it is with pride that we offer this beautiful, classic 911 for sale.



In June 1974, this Porsche 911 2.7 Coupé was delivered by University Porsche-Audi in Seattle. The current mileage is 152,702 km. Chassis, engine and gearbox are matching. The owners manual and the original service book is present and the maintenance book has been stamped until 1985. The car has had a total of three owners.


This Porsche is the last model with the classic narrow body. The paintwork was indeed very original, but for us it had insufficient quality to be able to conserve it properly. We carefully stripped the previous paint layers and restored it to its original, classic color Peru Red (042). Of course, new rubber seals were used during the construction. We removed the incorrect rear view door mirrors and replaced them with one original chrome mirror on the left door.


Despite the fantastic condition of the bodywork, a car of this age always needs some welding. Think of parts like window frames, tank support, door bottom, gutters and lock plate. With welding, it comes down to the details. By shaping all sheet metal parts by hand and finishing them with great attention, we ensure seamless integration of all new panels in the original bodywork.


Engine and gearbox

The engine had already been extensively rebuilt, including an update to hydraulic chain tensioners. We disassembled the engine and gearbox and cleaned it thoroughly (see the pictures on our website). We carried out a comprehensive analysis of the engine. We discovered that all important engine parts are still completely original, with date stamps from the end of '73, beginning '74. The compression and leak-down values ​​are perfect. The original 915/06 gearbox is the special 'optional ratios' five-speed (this has the more agressive gear set of the 2.7 Carrera).


We also carried out the following work on engine, drivetrain and undercarriage:

  • Replacement of camshafts and rocker arms

  • Renewal of all chain guides

  • Renewal of crankshaft seals, engine gaskets and other seals

  • Renewal of crankshaft pulley

  • Cleaning of fuel injectors

  • Renewal of fuel injector lines

  • Renewal of spark plugs and spark plug wires

  • Cleaning and flushing of fuel system

  • Renewal of all fuel hoses

  • Renewal of fuel filter

  • Rebuild of the alternator

  • Renewal of air filter and air filter housing

  • Rebuild of the starter motor

  • Engine adjustment and tuning

  • Rebuild of the drive shafts and CV joints

  • Rebuild of the braking system



The Porsche has its original black leatherette interior which is still in a beautiful, original condition. We carried out partial restorations on the interior, retaining as much history and originality as possible. The car is equipped with the early four-wheel G-model steering wheel. The original black roof liner is still completely intact. The carpet in the interior has been thoroughly steam cleaned, giving it back its beautiful, deep black color.



From mid November 2018




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