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Making Process

Inspired by one of his earlier artworks, Stefan de Beer got the inspiration for the current 3D Porsche sculptures. The 'slices' of the sculpture refer to the cooling fins of the air-cooled Porsches. In 2006 we started making a 3D scan of one of the classic Porsches in our workshop. This 3D scan was edited by Stefan into a computer model using AutoCad and later translated into a 2D cutting file, suitable for laser cutting. After a long process of development, testing and refinement, the first prototype sculpture came to life in 2008, using an industrial laser cutter.


Assembly Process

After cutting all individual parts of the sculpture, each slice is individually checked for imperfections and corrected when required. All slices are put together in the correct order by hand, creating a silhouette of the iconic Porsche shape. When the correct shape has been achieved, all slices are meticulously glued and the sculpture must then dry for two days. A custom-made LED unit is mounted under the sculpture, giving the sculpture an extra dimension after sunset. It transforms from artwork to Light Object! Each sculpture is then provided with a Certificate of Authenticity with its unique number within the issued limited edition. 


So... go to our Store and enjoy a contemporary piece of Porsche Artwork, handmade by the artist himself!

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