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'Ready-Built' Porsche 911 G-body Light Sculpture - scale 1:10 April/May 2023

Product Details

Note: You can pre-order this sculpture now, it will be produced and delivered to you in April / May 2023. Delivery takes place in order of registration.

Sculpture of the famous silhouette of the 'primal' Porsche 911. The louvres refer to the air-cooled concept of the classic Porsche 911 engine. This sculpture is made of luxurious acrylate in high quality. We offer this exclusive design sculpture in a limited edition of only 150 copies. Each sculpture is made separately and is provided with a 'Certificate of Authenticity' bearing the unique number of the sculpture and the signature of the designer.

Light Object
A unique dimension arises after sunset, when you transform the sculpture into a light object. The louvres provide a wonderful scattering of light. The light module consists of a specially tailored acrylic base with LED lighting tubes (24 LEDs), adapter and switch, which will be mounted underneath the sculpture. As it is fixed to the sculpture, the LED-unit is not removable.
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