Brigitte Broer


About 25 years ago I bought my first Porsche. A 356A Coupe from 1958. The first 7 years I drove this exceptional Porsche as a daily driver for my business, I used it during summer as well as in winter, Without heating these winter months could be very frustrating sometimes, but it did not diminish the experience! Other Porsches I have driven over the years include a 1967 911T SWB Coupe and a 1976 911S Coupe. Gradually I learned to carry out regular maintenance on my cars and nowadays I work on several Porsches on a daily basis mostly in my spare time.


Stefan de Beer


Since my childhood I have had an above average fascination with engineering and especially regarding the Porsche brand . After my study as a car designer I have been commercially engaged in the restoration, preparation and sale of classic Porsches for 20 years. All kinds of Porsches, from street cars to competion cars. Porsches are style icons. Time Capsules that give you access to the golden age of sportscars . That is why preserving these extraordinary cars is so important to me.

Private initiative



We are two individuals who are inspired by special classic Porsches . Naturally we can not drive every special Porsche ourselves, Therefor we take great pleasure in preserving rare Porsches. We buy them on a very small scale, trace and document the history. We make sure we get them in a technically outstanding driving condition. Finally our aim is to find a true Porsche lover for each car. 

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