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Brigitte Broer


About 25 years ago I bought my first Porsche. A 356A Coupe from 1958. The first 7 years I drove this exceptional Porsche as a daily driver for my business, I used it during summer as well as in winter, Without heating these winter months could be very frustrating sometimes, but it did not diminish the experience! Other Porsches I have driven over the years include a 1967 911T SWB Coupe and a 1976 911S Coupe. Gradually I learned to carry out regular maintenance and restoration work on my Porsches and nowadays I work on these Classics on a daily basis.

Stefan de Beer


Since my childhood I have had a fascination with engineering and especially regarding the Porsche brand . After my study as a car designer I have been commercially engaged in the restoration, preparation and sales of classic Porsches for nearly 30 years. All kinds of Porsches, from the classic road cars to the famous 'plastic' competition cars. Porsches are engineering and style icons. Time Capsules that give you access to the golden age of sportscars. That is why preserving these extraordinary cars is so important to me.

'Restoration': our philosophy

For us, restoring does not mean 'make something old new'. A Porsche can be restored to perfection, but in our eyes missing an important piece of 'soul'. When you delete a piece of history, you will never get it back. Restoring an old painting, for example, does not mean: 'paint it over'. We approach every classic Porsche the same way. For us, restoring is the complex process of repairing in such a way that the car retains its essence and history. Always deciding whether to 'preserve the old' or 'the need to renew'. The end result of our projects is always a car that breathes history and of which you can proudly say: 'this Porsche left the factory 45 years ago, but you can drive it every day.' 

Our Workshop


In our workshop in Bavel we carry out restoration work on our own Porsches, but we also carry out work on our customers' Porsches.


Some of our activities include:

Engine rebuilding

Gearbox rebuilding

Electrical work

Bodywork etc.


Feel free to drop by for a cup of coffee and a Porsche chat!

Ambachtsweg 5 - Bavel

Sportomotive in the media

In Puur Porsche Magazine we explain our philosophy and method. Click on the image below to see the full article. Enjoy reading (in Dutch only, sorry!

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