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These Porsches already found a new proud owner:


This Porsche 356A Coupe was built in 1958. The chassis, engine and gearbox still have matching numbers. According to the Kardex the car was originally delivered in Venezuela. It concerns an older restoration (about 20 years ago). The car has been kept as original as possible, including the original floor boards. Read more >

Of these 911 2.4 S only 1,430 cars were produced in 1973 with engine type 911/53 (190 hp) and Bosch mechanical fuel injection (MFI). The Porsche has a proven mileage of 138,000 km. It is a European version of which chassis, engine and gearbox are still matching. Read more >

This Porsche was built in 1978 (the first special series, of which 2,426 were built in 1978) with 71,000 original miles on the odometer. The car is USA import with matching chassis and engine numbers and the correct 915/61 gear box. The car has the official Porsche 'Geburtsurkunde' and the original driver's manual from 1978. Read more >

This Porsche was built in 1979 (model year 1980 , early A- series). This car, with 188 hp and 133.000 km. on the odometer has matching chassis and engine numbers and the correct 915/61 gearbox. The color is Grand Prix White and this is the original color of the car. The paintwork is in a very good condition, thanks to a comprehensive restoration of the body in 2008. Read more >

The term ‘barn-find’ is being used very loosely but recently we have literally found a Porsche 914 in rural Germany that fits the term ‘barn-find’ perfectly. We have found this Porsche after a tip we were given, tucked away in a fruit farmer’s greenhouse. An undamaged, totally complete and original German 914 dating from June 1971 and has an extensive Fahrzeug-document and also the original diver’s manual.Read more>

This Porsche was built in October 1975 and has the early chassis number 9116300401 (1.880 built in the first series, model 1976), with 132,000 original kilometres on the clock. In 1976 this car was originally delivered by Porsche Glockler Frankfurt and was sold to Japan two years after. The car has matching chassis and engine numbers and the correct 915/40 magnesium gearbox. The engine has had an extensive revision 25,000 kilometres ago. Read more>

Porsche 911 3.6 Turbo Coupé - 6/2001 - restored to new condition

Our newest acquisition is a very special one. This 2001 911 3.6 Turbo Coupé (996 Series) with its famous Mezger engine delivers 420 pk, has a top speed of 305 km/h and an acceleration of 4.2 seconds to 100. Rightly so, this car is called the 'First Supercar of the Millennium'. Consider its beautiful colour combination 'Seal Grey' mica lacquer and the Porsche Exclusive interior in the unique color 'Zimtbraun' (cinnamon) and you have a 911 Turbo of which there is no other one. This Porsche was originally delivered in the Netherlands (country code C20), is fully maintained by Porsche and fully documented. More info>

Porsche 911 2.7 Targa - 10/1973 (model year 1974) - restored February/March 2017

This is one of the very first G-models produced, in September 1973, the second month of production. This Porsche has 134.000 original kilometers on the odometer and is fully matching numbers. When we discovered the car, it was in a dusty  but very solid condition. The engine was completely rebuild some years ago by the famous Redline Porsche Service of Los Angeles. We gave it a full body restoration. We have brought the Porsche back in its original, classic, special order color 'stone grey', More info>


This 911 2.7 Coupé, which has attracted our attention because of its exceptionally original condition. The original paint in Peru Red is still to be found throughout the car in trunk, engine compartment, wheel arches and bottom. Furthermore, the chassis is in excellent condition and has no rust on sills, floor plates and jacking points. A fantastic starting point for a restoration that will lead to the conservation of a rare example. We started the restoration mid-February and completed it in November 2018. More info>

Our search for exceptional Porsches has again resulted in a real gem. A beautiful Porsche 964 3.6 Coupé in an exceptionally good condition and ... exactly as it should be: Carrera 2 (rear wheel drive) and manual gearbox! This fantastic driving machine with its 250 hp is currently extensively taken care of by us, in order for the next owner to enjoy driving it for years without any worries. More info>

Driving an 'Ur-Porsche' like this 356 from 1962 has something magical. It feels like a real time capsule. The really good ones are almost impossible to find. That is why we are very pleased with the discovery of this 356 B-T6 Super 75 Coupé. This 356 will be offered for sale in 'as is' condition as a restoration project. More info>


Our newest addition is a 911S 2.7 Coupé, which has gained our attention because of its exceptionally original condition and its rare and classic combination of an exterior in GrandPrix White, a factory-fitted sunroof, many chrome accents and 'Braun / Beige Flechtnarbe' interior. This full matching numbers Porsche shows its originality in many places with date stamps from 1975. With its 165 hp engine and smooth-shifting gearbox, this Porsche is a pleasure to drive! More info>

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