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Porsche 911S 2.7 Sunroof Coupé - 1976 

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Porsche 911S 2.7 Sunroof Coupé - 04/1976


Our newest addition is a 911S 2.7 Coupé, which has gained our attention because of its exceptionally original condition and its rare and classic combination of an exterior in GrandPrix White, a factory-fitted sunroof, many chrome accents and 'Braun / Beige Flechtnarbe' interior. This full matching numbers Porsche shows its originality in many places with date stamps from 1975. With its 165 hp engine and smooth-shifting gearbox, this Porsche is a pleasure to drive!


The car was delivered on April 3, 1976 by the Porsche / Audi dealer in San Francisco and still has the original engine and gearbox. The original maintenance / instruction manual is present, as well as the Porsche Certificate of Authenticity.


This Porsche 911 is particularly interesting, for it is one of the very last series with the classic narrow body. The paintwork is very original and the first layer of paint can still be found in interior spaces such as the trunk, engine compartment and wheel arches. This Porsche has the historic color GrandPrix Weiss (color code 908), with which it was also delivered in 1976. Most Porsches that were delivered at the time in GrandPrix Weiss have a black or dark blue interior. However, this Porsche has a beautiful Braun-Beige 'Flechtnarbe' interior, a color combination that you will not encounter much. The floor is completely straight and completely rust free. There is also no trace of rust on important parts such as tank support, sills, battery box, wheel arches and jack points. The panel fitment of the body panels is perfect. The Porsche is equipped with an optional factory sunroof, which functions perfectly and gives an extra dimension to driving in good weather. This Porsche is the last model with the polished Fuchs rims in the size 6J x 15. Provided with new Goodyear Performance tires 205/60 R15.

Engine and gearbox

The engine is the 165 hp S-version, as it was delivered in America. We have carried out an extensive analysis of the engine. It turned out that all important engine parts are still completely original, with date stamps from mid-1975 (see photos). We have thoroughly cleaned the engine and provided it with new gaskets to guarantee a good seal. The engine has already undergone an update to hydraulic chain tensioners. We have extensively tested the engine for compression, fuel pressure, fuel mixture and ignition. The compression and leak-down values ​​are excellent and we were able to adjust the engine perfectly. The original 915/44 gearbox can be shifted exceptionally smoothly, making the car very easy to drive. We have also carried out the following work:

  • Replacement of seals, engine gaskets and other seals

  • Cleaning injectors

  • Renew spark plugs and spark plug cables

  • Cleaning and flushing fuel system

  • Replacing fuel hoses

  • Refresh fuel filter

  • Cleaning and flushing the engine and oil system

  • Replacement of oil filter

  • Renew air filter

  • Rebuild of the dynamo

  • Rebuild of the starter

  • Engine adjustment

  • Revision of the drive shafts and CV joints

  • Rebuild of the braking system

  • Replacement of shifter bushings


The Porsche is currently available and can be viewed in our restoration workshop in Bavel (near Breda, 40 km of the Belgian border).



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