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Porsche 356A Coupe - 1958
Porsche 356A Coupe 1958




This is the "great-grandfather" of all current Porsches, the first model brought on the market by Porsche. The car dates from the first 10 years of the existence of Porsche, the perfect time capsule ...


This Porsche 356A Coupe was built in 1958. The chassis, engine and gearbox still have matching numbers. According to the Kardex the car was originally delivered in Venezuela. It concerns an older restoration (about 20 years ago). The car has been kept as original as possible, including the original floor boards.


This car had been in our posession for more than 20 years. This is one of the rare 'drivers', a car that has been driven so regularly that it is still a perfect and reliable driver. Some of our classic car destinations: Monthlery, Le Mans Classic, Reims GP, GP Historique de Pau Cirquit des Rempart d'Angouleme, Barcelona, ​​Nurburgring, Spa Classic, etc, etc ...


We performed extensive maintenance on the car on a regular basis because it was driven frequently. However reliable technology is always subject to wear and tear. Therefor we have had the engine, transmission and chassis completely rebuilt in 2014 (including a new, hand-crafted, balanced crankshaft). In addition, we have increased the cylinder capacity from 1600 to 1750cc. The vehicle is very suitable for competition purposes due to the many adjustments done to the car in the course of time.







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