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Porsche 911S 2.7 Coupé 10-1975 (Euro model 1976)

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Porsche 911S 2.7 Coupé 



This classic 911 model has a direct link to Porsche's racing successes in the important years in the 70s. In 1976 Porsche insigated the World Championship for Manufacturers, the World Championship for Sports Cars as well as the most gruelling race of all, the 24 Hours of Le Mans. It was among other things the first year of the galvanised chassis. In the 911 2.7 the classic and the modern era are perfectly united. This model is built up from beautiful combinations of classic and new, e.g. like the fierce, light engine with its race heritage, combined with the modern, reliable injection system. As always with Porsche the customer benefitted from the race experiences. It has been the ultimate development of the last 'narrow body' 911 model from Porsche's Classic Era. 



This unique, full-history Euro Porsche was built in October 1975 and with the early chassis number 9116300401 (1.880 built in the first series, model 1976), with 132,000 original kilometres on the clock. In 1975 this car was originally delivered by famous Porsche dealer Otto Glockler Frankfurt and was sold to Japan in 1981. With the car's documentation came an original Glockler leaflet and German sales brochure (see photo's). The car has matching chassis, engine and gearbox numbers. We have registered the car in The Netherlands and it now has a Dutch license (number) plate and the car also has a new APK (MoT) valid until the end of December 2017. The car has an official Porsche ‘Geburtsurkunde’ and the original driver’s manual from 1975. We have meticulously verified the maintenance history and mileage through an abundance of available invoices.



The bodywork of the car is of the 'Narrow Body' type. We have restored the Porsche to its original colour, Silbermetallic Z2, at the end of 2015 (as is mentioned on the paint plate on the bodywork). So the paint and bodywork are in excellent condition. We have thoroughly inspected the bodywork on all points (dismantling of e.g. front fenders, side skirts and interior door panels) and it is in an outstanding rust free condition. The car has its original floor which is straight and untouched. We have applied a new dry underbody coating (floor and fenders). Most of the bodywork’s rubbers have been replaced so that all rubbers are in a good condition.  



The engine is a continuation of the model year 1975 911S engine (matching engine number 63604xx) with a number of adaptations with regard to reliability and fuel use. Identical to the 74-75 911S engine. The basic material of the engine is lightweight magnesium, a metal that Porsche often used in their racecars. This engine has the rare '7R mag case', the strongest of the magnesium crankcases. Because of the construction of the engine, its lower mass and its specifications, it is closer to the 2.4 regarding the engine’s behaviour than the models that came afterwards (SC and 3.2). According to the original German Fahrzeugbrief the engine has a tested 175 hp (and not the usual 165 hp). The maintenance history and our inspection show that the engine has had an extensive rebuild 25,000 kilometers ago, done by the Porsche dealer in Tokyo. The engine has kept its original 5-bladed cooling fan that because of its adapted pulley, rotates faster and therefor provides an excellent cooling (contrary to what is often claimed). We performed a thorough check of the engine’s technique (e.g. on internal signs of metal shavings, cylinder head nuts, oil system, compression and leak down, cooling and fuel system). We confirmed that the engine's technique is in extraordinary good condition. We also carried out all maintenance needed to garantee long lasting performance.



This Porsche has a magnesium gearbox of the type 915/40. According to the original German Fahrzeugbrief it is a factory fitted special order unit ('Werkseitig montiert') with a shorter gear ratio than the later 915 gearboxes, making it fiercer. The clutch and the shifting mechanism are especially smooth. The magnesium transmission used in the 911S production cars was a direct derivative based on Porsche's 916 racing transmission.



The Porsche is equipped with the optional Bilstein sport suspension, as is mentioned in the manufacturers details. The brake discs have been grinded, and the braking system functions perfectly. The tyres (205/65-VR15 and 205/65-VR15) are in top condition and are as new (no dehydration, no cracks and still a deep tread depth). The classic 15” Fuchs rims are completely damage free.



All lights and wiring have been checked and are fully functional. We have replaced the RHD headlight lenses by the European Bosch LHD headlight lenses. The wiring is in a remarkable original condition, contrary to the often incompetently adapted electronics we regularly find in the classic 911.



The interior is implemented with black leather/Shetland fabric and is in an immaculate state. We have cleaned, re-conditioned and restored the entire interior. Where needed interior parts were replaced and/or refurbished. What was important during this process was maintaining the ‘weathered look’. The dashboard is in top condition and has no cracks. The Porsche has the optional, black leather furbished Momo Prototipo steering wheel. We have equipped the car with a new trunk lining.




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