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Porsche 911 3.0 SC Sunroof Coupe - 1978
Porsche 911 3.0 SC Sunroof Coupe



This beautiful, classic 911 has everything going for it. It is the perfect combination of the original 71,000 miles, documented history, the exceptional condition of the body and revised technique. A rare find ...




This Porsche was built in 1978 (the first special series, of which 2,426 were built in 1978) with 71,000 original miles on the odometer. The car is USA import with matching chassis and engine numbers and the correct 915/61 gear box. The car has been put through our rigourous Dutch license testing process and equipped with a new MOT, valid until May 2017. The car has the official Porsche 'Geburtsurkunde' and the original driver's manual from 1978. We have verified the maintenance history and mileage through numerous invoices.



The colour is 'Silbermetallic' Z2 and it is the original colour of the car, as mentioned on the paint code plate on the bodywork. The paintwork in a very good condition. We have inspected the body thoroughly on all aspects (dismanteling of e.g. front fenders, side skirts and interior door panels) and thus it appeared to be in an exceptionally rust free condition. We have provided the floor and front fenders with a new underbody coating. Most of the bodywork's rubbers have recently been replaced by the previous owner and by us so that the all rubbers are in good condition. The Porsche is equipped with an original and fully functional sunroof.


Engine - Gearbox

Engine and gearbox were completely rebuilt 10,000 miles ago by the renowned Porsche specialist Paul Weir (invoice provided) . After finding this car major maintenance has been done, so that the car will be reliable for many years to come (e.g. flushing the fuel tank and fuel injection system and replacing all the filters). Part of this maintenance job has also been  a leak-down test with a perfect result. After this maintenance, the Porsche has already driven about 600 miles without any problems what so ever. 



As part of the major maintenance, the car has had a full overhaul of the brake system. The master brake cylinder has been replaced, the braking system flushed and brake hoses replaced. The brakes have also been grinded and the break pads are in an excellent condition. To guarantee the balance of the car we have replaced the suspension ball joints and the 4 front anti-roll bar bushings. Tyres ( 205/55 - ZR16 and 225/50 - ZR16 ) are also in very good condition (no dehydration, no cracks and still with a deep profile of 5mm). The original 16 " Fuchs wheels are completely damage free. Based on our own driving experience, we have aligned the suspension and wheels in order to optimise the steering balance . 



All lights and lenses have been checked and is fully functional. We have converted the American sealed beams into modern Hella H4 headlight units. The airconditioning system has recently been revised, including a new air-conditioning pump, new hoses and new cooling agent. We have equipped the car with an original Bosch S3 battery with a bigger capacity of 70Ah. We have revised the fresh air blower and it is working again accordingly. 



The leather interior is black and has a beautiful patina, We have cleaned and re-conditioned the entire interior. The rear seats have been renewed and equipped with new leather straps. The dashboard is in top condition and has no cracks at all. We have fitted the car with a new black carpet set (subtle embroided with the Porsche script) and a new trunk lining. 



The Porsche is equipped with the original spare tyre en the original car jack. 




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