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Porsche 911 2.7 Targa 'Ur' G-model 10-1973 (Model year '74)

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Porsche 911 2.7 Targa - 10/1973 (restored 2016/2017)



This 911 is a very special find. It is one of the very first G models. In 1973, exactly 10 years after the introduction of the 911, Porsche had to do something to survive the oil crisis of the early 70s. That's why Porsche came up with the much more economical but powerful 2.7 engine with the Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection. In combination with lightweight materials such as magnesium for engine and gearbox, Porsche was able to take an important step towards a new era.


This car was delivered in Los Angeles and has lived in Hollywood and Santa Monica for years. For a long time, the Porsche was owned by a famous Hollywood actor, who currently has an acting and theater school, where many famous actors teach. The car has been in Europe since 1997 and has full Euro-specs. As mentioned, this is a special, early 911, from the second month of the G-model production (chassis no. 9114110825,  number 825 out of a total production of 3,100). The car has matching chassis, engine and gearbox. We have registered the car in The Netherlands and it now has a Dutch license (number) plate as well as a new APK (MoT) valid until November 2018. The car has 84,000 original miles, which is equivalent to 134,000 kilometers (this is documented by invoices). The car has the official Porsche Geburtsurkunde' and a documented history of the past 30 years.



This 911 model is a so called "narrow-body". It was completely original, rust-free and damage-free, a perfect base for our restoration. The car still has its original floor which is straight and untouched. We wanted to restore the Porsche to its original color "Stone Grey" as stated on the color ID-plate on the door frame. Stone Grey is a beautiful, classic color, that could be applied at delivery on customer's request (Porsche calls this "Paint by Sample"). We stripped the body down to the bare metal, removing every old layer of paint. The primer and color coating will be composed according to strict factory standards and will be completed by the end of January 2017 (This has now been completed). During the process of assembly we will replace all rubber body seals.


The basic material of the engine is lightweight magnesium, a metal that Porsche often used in their race cars. This Porsche's engine (matching engine number 61417xx) has the rare '7R mag case', the strongest of the magnesium crankcases. Because of the construction of the engine, its lower mass and its specifications, it is closer to the 2.4 regarding the engine’s behavior than the models that came afterwards (SC and 3.2). The engine has had several comprehensive revisions, both in Los Angeles and Europe. We performed a thorough check of the engine’s technique (e.g. on internal signs of metal shavings, cylinder head nuts, oil system, compression and leak down, cooling and fuel system) and this confirmed that the engine's technique is in extraordinary good condition. We also carried out all maintenance needed to guarantee long lasting performance.




The Porsche has a magnesium gearbox of the type 915/06. The magnesium gearbox used in the 911 production cars was directly derived from Porsche's 916 race transmission. We adjusted and revised the clutch and the shifting mechanism, making it shift very smoothly.


The Porsche has the original option 402: Koni shock absorbers, for an extra sporty handling. The braking system has been completely overhauled by us, including new brake discs.




All lighting and wiring has been checked and works well. The wiring is in remarkably original condition, in contrast to the often incompetently customized electronics, we frequently encounter in classic 911's. The Porsche is equipped with European headlight units with classic chrome rims. We completely overhauled the blower system, so ventilation in the car functions perfectly.




The interior is "blau-schwartz' (front and rear seats in faux leather). We are currently in the process of restoring the interior, consisting of partial replacement/trim/upholstery of interior parts, cleaning and reconditioning. We have equipped the car with a new trunk lining.




Second week of April 2017. 




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