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Porsche 911 3.0 SC Sunroof Coupe - 1979
Porsche 911 3.0 SC Sunroof Coupe



Recently we obtained this wonderful classic 911 SC Coupe in Grand Prix White with stylish dark blue interior. This original European car has been in the Netherlands since 1986 and still is in very good condition.




This Porsche was built in 1979 (model year 1980 , early A- series). This car, with 188 hp and 133.000 km. on the odometer has matching chassis and engine numbers and the correct 915/61 gearbox.



The color is Grand Prix White and this is the original color of the car, as mentioned on the paint code plate on the bodywork. The paintwork is in a very good condition, thanks to a comprehensive restoration of the body in 2008. We inspected the body thoroughly and it appeared to be in exceptionally rust free condition. The floor and fenders are provided with a dry underbody coating. All rubber seals are in good condition and the panel fit of the body is exceptional. The Porsche is equipped with an original and fully functional sunroof.


Engine and Gearbox

The engine (188 hp) is in very good condition and has been updated to hydraulic chain tensioners. The engine is exceptionally dry, with no oil leaks. The engine runs perfectly. It has a light clutch and a smooth shifting gearbox. All in all a real driver!



The interior is dark blue with full-leather front seats and original semi-leather/fabric back seats (see photos). Both the leather front seats and the semi-leather back seats are in an exceptionally good condition (no tears, no cracks, no dehydration). The leather on the steering wheel is in perfect condition as well as the dark blue dashboard. We have cleaned and conditioned the entire interior. The car is equipped with a beautiful dark blue carpet set and a new trunk lining. 



The Porsche is equipped with the original spare tyre.


Come and have a look

Have you become interested in this Porsche and you want to know more about it? Make an appointment HERE for a viewing of the car and to experience this classic Porsche 911.

You are more than welcome!



Car is in option at the moment. 



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