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Assembly steps to produce your own Porsche sculpture

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Contents of the package

The black box that you received contains:

  • 42 numbered car body slices

  • 2 chassis bars with 42 slots

  • 1 floorplate with Sportomotive logo

  • 1 assembly base with 4 openings

  • Glue

  • Certificate of Authenticity


Important: To prevent damage to the acrylic, all acrylic parts are covered with a protective foil on both sides. You must first remove this foil before starting assembly.

Prep-step 1: the assembly base

The assembly base (3) ensures the sculpture to stay straight during the gluing process. 

  • Insert each chassis bar (1) with the legs into the openings of the assembly base. The long end is the front of the chassis bar (marked 'F'), where the numbering of the slices begins with #1. 

  • Ensure a smooth and even surface in order for all 4 legs to stick equally far through the openings of the assembly base.

  • Make sure the chassis bars stay in place by attaching them to the assembly base with small pieces of masking tape.

  • Place the floor plate (2) with the Sportomotive engraving downwards between the two chassis bars. You are now ready for assembly.

BIY-P911 Assembly Parts.png

Assembly base (3), chassis bars (1) and floor plate (2)

Chassis bars in assembly base with floor plate

in between and chassis 

Prep-step 2: panel fitting

First, place the two chassis bars in the assembly base. Then, put all the numbered slices in the correct order and fit them in the chassis without using glue. This allows you to check if the slices fit properly in the slots and whether the contour of the car is correct. A proper 'panel fit' prevents problems during the assembly process. If you take your time to do this thoroughly, the sculpture will look great which in the end will add to the overall shape and appearance of your sculpture. 


A proper 'panel fit' prevents problems during assembly

Prep-step 3: The glue

The glue is specifically intended for gluing plastic materials. The glue is transparent and stays transparent after drying. It takes approximately 12 hours before the adhesive has completely hardened.


Do NOT use too much glue, excess glue must be removed later when placing the floorplate underneath the sculpture, which is a time consuming and not so nice job. So: less is more!


Squeeze a small amount of glue (the size of a coin) onto a piece of cardboard. This will be enough to glue 4 to 5 slices. Use a wooden skewer to take one small drop of glue at a time. You need two drops of glue for every slice. After gluing 4 or 5 slices, you need to squeeze a new batch of glue on your cardboard to continue to the next slices.


The correct place to apply glue to the sculpture

  • Do not apply glue to the slices, but only to the chassis bars. 

  • Apply the glue to the inside of the sculpture, not to the outside.

  • Take your skewer with one drop of glue and place the drop just underneath each slot (see photo). That will be enough glue to hold it together.

applying glue.png
Foto 18-07-17 16 29 19.jpg

Congratulations with your 'Build-it-Yourself' Porsche sculpture. The black box you received contains all parts necessary to produce your own Porsche sculpture. Now it is up to you, have fun!

Assembly step 1: Aligning the chassis

To ensure the chassis to stay straight during assembly, you must first fixate it by gluing two slices at the front and two slices at the back: 

  • Start gluing slices 3 + 4 (at the front) and slices 39 + 40 at the back, following the gluing instructions in the prep-steps.

  • Place each slice in the right slots, pushing the slices straight down until it reaches the bottom of the chassis bar. Pay close attention to pressing the slices as far down as possible as this directly affects the final contour of your sculpture. 

  • After pressing down the slices to the maximum, you have to align them vertically. To do so, push each slice against the vertical back of the slot and hold it for 10 seconds. If necessary, you can use a piece of masking tape to keep it in place until the glue has dried and the slices are fixed.

  • After you’ve glued slices 3, 4, 39 and 40, let it dry for at least 1 hour to reach the correct chassis firmness.  

assembly 917 chassis firmness.png

First, glue slices 3 and 4 at the front and 39 and 40 at the back

Sportomotive zorgt ervoor dat je klassieke Porsche het betrouwbare middelpunt van je vakantie is

De Care Scan als aankoopkeuring


Omdat de Care Scan zo uitgebreid is en de complete technische conditie van de auto in kaart brengt, is de Care Scan bij uitstek geschikt als aankoopkeuring. Zo kun je een gedegen beslissing nemen omtrent aankoop van de Porsche en heb je ook inzicht in wat ervoor nodig is om de auto in de gewenste conditie te krijgen en te houden. Klik op onderstaande button voor meer informatie.

aankoopbemiddeling brochure.png

De uitkomsten van de Care Scan worden gedocumenteerd.

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