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Enjoying the open feel - Color Series

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At the Frankfurt International Motor Show, in September 1965, Porsche introduced the 911 Targa. It was not a convertible, but certainly not a coupe or a hardtop. It was the very first 'convertible' with a fixed rollbar. This development arose from the ever-increasing safety requirements for open-top cars in the USA, where there was even talk of a complete ban on convertibles. The name 'Targa' originated from the successes that Porsche had achieved in the Targa Florio since the fifties.

This 'Sportomotive Original' fine art print shows the classic narrow bodied Porsche 911 Targa, depicting a scene recognizes by many owners of a classic 911 Targa.

In the beginning of 1969 Mark Donohue, famous racing driver and engineer, tested the 911 Targa on the Marlboro Race Track. Mark called it a 'flexibel flyer', with a much more predictable handling. "The Targa stays neutral, whereas with the Coupé it was either oversteer or understeer"

The Targa, a model that still has a permanent place in the Porsche model series, encased in a modern art print in Pop-Art style by artist Stefan de Beer. This art print is issued in a Limited Edition and is signed by the artist. Available in four different sizes. This art print is part of the 'Color Series' and can be beautifully combined with other art prints from this series. A special gift for yourself... or for someone else.

Want this art print in a minimalist grey scale? Check SKU: WA-P911TMOUS.

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