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Porsche 911 2.7 Coupé - 1974 (production #643 - sept. 1973!) 

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Porsche 911 2.7 Coupé - 09/1973 (fully restored 2018 - 2019)


This Porsche is one of the very first G-models ever made. The car was built at the end of 1973 (chassis # 643 from 1973!). It is the model with the classic narrow body. The color Aubergine is its original color and can still be found in interior spaces such as trunk and engine compartment. The beautiful color combination of the Aubergine exterior and the Cognac interior makes this a desirable classic Porsche, with which you can look forward to a summer full of reliable and sporty kilometers!



Some highlights:

  • Full matching numbers (chassis - engine - gearbox)

  • Mileage: 139.800 km

  • With Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

  • Equipped with the optional three-spoke Carrera steering wheel

  • Update to hydraulic chain tensioners

  • Electronic ignition

  • New spark plug cables

  • Recently had extensive maintenance

  • All-new tires (Michelin CrossClimate 195/60 R15)

  • Equipped with half-polished Fuchs wheels



The body has previously been stripped to the bare metal and repainted by a professional paintshop. The special shade of the Aubergine color shines through beautifully, especially when the sun's out. The car has no sunroof, just as true Porsche purists want a very early Coupé.


We have checked the chassis completely for rust and imperfections and everything has been thoroughly addressed by us in order to have the chassis fully conditioned again. In addition, we have also treated the car preventively against future corrosion.


The interior is still completely intact and in very nice condition. Some interior restorations have been carried out in the past. In addition, we have had the rear compartment wall upholstered, because it had minor damage due to non-original speaker holes.


Engine and gearbox

As mentioned earlier, the engine and 916/06 gearbox still belong together. The engine is the 150 hp US-version. We carried out an extensive analysis and rebuild of the engine including CDI ignition unit and complete K-Jetronic system, fuel injectors, WUR and coldstart electronics. Also thoroughly tested the Porsche after the rebuild and fine tuned ignition, fuel mixture and system pressures for optimal performance. We have cleaned and flushed the engine and provided it with all new gaskets, seals and filters. We also fitted the engine with some updates, including hydraulic chain tensioners and reinforced Turbo valve covers.


For the extra engine photos, please refer to the Dutch language page for this Porsche.


The Porsche is currently available and can be viewed in our restoration workshop in Bavel (near Breda, 40 km of the Belgian border).


On request

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