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RUF Porsche 3.6 R Kompressor Coupé - 2002

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RUF Porsche 3.6 R Kompressor Coupé - 2002


We proudly present this incredible find in Germany: an ultra-rare RUF-Porsche 911, the so-called R Kompressor with 450 hp and a top speed of 320-330 kph! It is a full RUF factory build from 2005/2006, based on the narrow body of a 2002 996.2 Carrera 2 Coupe, which was owned by the RUF factory. This RUF is one of the rarest Porsches, of which only a handful have been produced (all fully documented).



RUF is a German manufacturer of highly exclusive sports cars based on modified and improved Porsche technology. Our RUF Porsche was built in the RUF factory in Pfaffenhaussen. RUF designed and built a completely new engine with the RUF engine number RK0636021, using the existing Porsche crankshaft housing. It is one of the most extensive conversions that RUF had in the program and included the entire chassis, braking system, engine, cooling, engine management, exhaust system, shift mechanism, wheels, body adjustments and interior. This car has a RUF certificate and has been maintained by RUF itself since construction. The price of the RUF 3.6 R Kompressor in 2002 was EUR 138,000 without taxes and imports.


Our RUF has a RUF RK36 engine fitted with a RUF R97 Turbomax centrifugal compressor with water-cooled intercoolers. At RUF they apply the rule that an engine that has run more than 50,000 km cannot be used as a basis. For this reason, the engine was completely disassembled by RUF in 2006 at 64,000 km and rebuilt with new parts while retaining the original crankshaft housing. This RUF engine was therefore completely new and had run 0 km. After the RUF conversion described above, it has smoothly driven 121,000 German highway kilometers.


The previous owner really left nothing to chance and took very good care of this car. For example, this RUF Porsche returned to the RUF factory 4,500 km ago, where the engine was completely disassembled for a second time in its life and then rebuilt with new parts and reset to 0 km. A software update of the engine management has also been implemented to make maximum use of the new compressor. No expense has been spared to keep this special car in new engine-technical condition.


This very valuable RUF has now received a period correct and original addition to the existing RUF bodywork conversion at Sportomotive with a fixed rear spoiler and newly constructed RGT side skirts.

Build sheet (in German)

2002 996.2 Carrera 2 body, mit 6-gang Schaltgetriebe

RUF Sonderfahrwerk, R96 300 300 50 

RUF Hochleistungs-Bremsanlage 6-Kolben u. 4-Kolben Monoblock, R97 300 351 00  

RUF 18-inch Alloy 3-piece wheels  

RUF Aluminium Domstrebe, R96 500 335 00                        


RUF Motortyp RK36 mit R97 RUF Turbomax centrifugal compressor R97 123 010 12,     50.000 euro 

RUF Sport Schalldämpfersatz, R96 100 111 00

RUF Sportkat. R96 113 031 12 & R96 113 032 12

RUF Airbox R96 110 021 00

RUF Inlet manifolds R97 110 115 00 & R97 110 116 00

RUF RK36 DME Motor management R96 618 604 10 

RUF Schaltwegverkurzung 6-gang, einstellbar, R96 400 000 50                                                        

RUF Doppelendrohrsatz, R96 100 250 01    

RUF Frontspoiler, R96 500 505 10 

RUF RGT Seitenschwellensatz, Side skirts R96 500 560 00

Porsche OEM 996.2 GT3 Heckspoiler mit RUF modification, 996.512.901.02,     6.570,- euro                     

RUF Instrumentensatz, R96 641 105 00X                                           

RUF Airbag lenkrad, perforierte griffe, R93 347 804 11 8YR                

Porsche OEM Sportsitze,     9.520,- euro

RUF Pedal-Set für Schaltgetriebe, R96 400 423 00                 

RUF Fußstütze, R96 501 825 00                                                

RUF Einstiegleiten, R96 500 551 00                       

RUF Fußmattenstz, R96 043 085 00                   

Available February 1, 2021

This RUF has been a valuable part of our own private collection for years. As of February 1, 2021, this RUF will be available for the ultimate enthusiast. If you are seriously interested in this car, please send us an email or call us.

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